as Principals, worked together over the past 10 years to found and build 10 science-backed companies, delivering disruptive products into large global market niches in healthcare, security and communications

to commercialize the World’s first: clinically proven treatment to restore swallowing functions and transform the live of people with dysphagia.

developed in partnership with: Manchester University & Nestlé

to commercialize the World’s first: commercial detection of concealed threats at a distance to pre-empt and disrupt potential terrorist attacks, saving lives

developed in partnership with: Home Office & Manchester City University

to commercialize the World’s first: therapies to improve gut health and carbohydrate metabolism

developed in partnership with: Birmingham University & Cambridge University Hospitals

to commercialize the World’s first: video intelligence solution to help protect and monitor entire cities

developed in partnership with: Home Office, Queen Mary University & multiple police agencies globally

to commercialize the World’s first: scientifically proven natural feed to improve digestion, gut health and performance by re-balancing gut of our animals.

developed in partnership with: Birmingham University & Cambridge University Hospitals

to commercialize the World’s first: high volume rapid accurate testing of viruses and bacteria.

developed in partnership with: University of Southampton, Weizman Institute & Imperial College London

now PerkinElmer

to commercialize: a range of food-borne pathogens testing products across multiple territories

now acquired by: PerkinElmer, an S&P 500 company

now Hanwha

to commercialize: patented electronically steerable antennas for communicating with satellites from moving vehicles

developed in partnership with: with companies like Intelsat, Hispasat, Gogo, Astronics.

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  • found and manage our own companies
  • drive with enduring enthusiasm
  • spot opportunities
  • identify and model market trends
  • network with scientists, government, and corporates
  • structure/ execute Intellectual Property strategies 
  • write/optimise business plans, corporate structure 

recruit talent to work alongside us:

  • top management
  • investors
  • partners
  • enjoy winning contracts and executing exits
  • celebrate with drinks and laughs

opportunities to make a difference and an impact

ground breaking science

defensible intellectual property

large market opportunities

financial rewards for our partners and ourselves

  • alignment: we’ve learnt the importance of aligning the interests of founders, investors, management and prospective partners. In our experience, an aligned interest in our companies helps all parties maintain their motivation even in difficult times
  • experience: as founders, inventors, directors, investors and management we’ve worked together for over 10 years and experienced much success and at times failure. Our collective experience of building high-growth companies has enabled us to create an ecosystem of global scientific and managerial talent, academic and corporate contacts, and diverse sources of capital for different stages of company building. All of which facilitates the growth of our businesses and assists in mitigating many of the risks inherent in building and growing disruptive technology companies
  • capital efficiency: as serial founders of companies, we find ourselves at ease working with executives and investors that ascribe value to efficiency. We aim to build capital efficient companies that maximise profit for all shareholders
  • risk taking: high growth plans bear high risks, which we understand and cherish. We prefer technology risk to market risk and work towards building cogent plans for prioritising & removing these risks for the least amount of money
  • energy: we bring an enthusiastic disposition, energy & ‘can do’ approach – invaluable intangible assets for growing exciting young companies with bold ambitions

in London, UK and Boston, US

Our London office is at:

The Royal Institution of Great Britain

21 Albemarle Street



United Kingdom

Cool facts about our office: Notable scientists have worked at the Institution including Sir Humphry Davy (discovered sodium and potassium) , Michael Faraday (first demonstrated electromagnetism) , James Dewar, Sir William Henry Bragg and Sir William Lawrence Bragg (who jointly won the Nobel prize for their work on x-ray diffraction), Max Perutz, John Kendrew, Antony Hewish, and George Porter. In the 19th century, Faraday carried out much of the research which laid the groundwork for the practical exploitation of electricity at the Royal Institution. In total fifteen scientists attached to the Royal Institution have won Nobel Prizes. Ten chemical elements including sodium were discovered there; the electric generator was devised at the Institution, and much of the early work on the atomic structure of crystals was carried out within it.