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Entrepreneurs co-founding and building companies
with groundbreaking science and the potential to change the world

We have:

worked together over the past 10 years to found, manage and build science-backed companies, delivering disruptive products into large global market opportunities in healthcare, security and communications

We co-founded

We are:

Vito Levi D’Ancona

Will Addison

Fred Edenius

Douglas Dundonald

We look for:

We do:

we found companies:

we build companies until exit:

We believe in:

Stakeholder alignment:

We’ve learnt the importance of aligning the interests of founders, investors, management and prospective partners. Aligned interests help all parties pull in the same direction and maintain their motivation even in difficult times - providing the best chance of a successful outcome for all stakeholders.

Learning from both success and failure:

As founders and company builders, we’ve worked together for over 10 years and experienced much success and at times failure. As much as the successes are rewarding, the failures hurt. We constantly strive as a group to bring our collective experience in all that we do, across our companies, when needed.

The value of networks:

We’ve built and continue to cultivate a strong ecosystem of global scientific and managerial talent, academic, corporate and government networks, as well as diverse sources of capital. This ecosystem helps us assess scientific and market potential, facilitates the progress and growth of our businesses, and mitigates many of the risks inherent in building and growing disruptive technology companies.

The right capital for the right stage:

While businesses need appropriate resources to maximise chances of success, we emphasise capital efficiency, especially in a company’s early stages. Value accretive milestones must be clearly defined and pursued with laser focus. It is better to fail quickly and efficiently and then rethink the solution. Once the technology is de-risked, businesses will demand greater levels of capital, but having the right capital for the right stage is key.

Relentless enthusiasm:

We bring an enthusiastic disposition, energy and ‘can do’ approach – invaluable intangible assets for growing exciting young companies with bold ambitions.